Environmental Law

Environmental Law is a highly specialized field in which our team offers extremely skilled and practical advice.

Our team has extensive experience in legal compliance, due diligence investigations and environmental impact assessments.

Our areas of specialization include:

→ Compliance Advice

We offer practical and focused advice on all areas of environmental legal compliance. Where clients are not in compliance with the law, we advise on methods for achieving that compliance within realistic time frames.

→ Due Diligence Investigations

Environmental concerns are increasingly important in mergers and acquisitions. This is particularly so given the environmental legal regime in Rwanda which creates strict liability in some circumstances. Our team, working in conjunction with environmental consultants, is able to distinguish areas of genuine concern from non-material issues and to assess their implications for a deal.

→ Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

These play a central role in many developments. We are able to guide the process to ensure legal compliance with all the requirements of the EIA process to make it as defensible as possible and unlikely to be vulnerable to attack on appeal or review. Where clients are opposed to a development, we are able to assist in opposing it through the EIA process.