Intellectual Property Law

Like any other tangible asset, Intellectual Property such as trade marks, copyright, patents, designs and know-how can represent a significant portion of the assets of a business and intellectual property can play a major role in commercial success.

Out team understands the commercial issues associated with protecting your IP interests and specializes in offering commercially based solutions to ensure that the best is made of those rights.
We offer advice on all IP matters; on IP disputes; commercial transactions involving IP; and due diligence investigations.

Areas of specialization include:

Intellectual Property agreements

We are widely experienced in all forms of IP licensing agreements, including trade marks and copyright; protecting trade secrets, know-how and confidential information;

Enforcement and Protection

Rights often need to be enforced in relation to these valuable assets, whether they are patents, trade marks, domain names, confidential information, designs or copyright. Our team has expertise in conducting all types of IP disputes including: trade mark and copyright infringements and oppositions to trade mark applications.

Trade Marks

We can help clients in Rwanda and in any foreign jurisdiction conduct trade mark searches and advice on availability and registrability; file applications, monitor and manage renewals; and audit and manage your trade mark portfolio.